Peace Revolution

The Foundation

Sunwell Farm's international partner the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) is a non-profit organization which operates mainly from Thailand but has branches all over the world. They cooperate with the teaching monks of Thailand's biggest, Dhammakaya, temple and have created a unique tool of self-development programs with professional guidance to let you start your journey of happiness, peace, and joy. Finding balance, harmony, and freedom is not far from reach. They are Master Chef for the Mind who will delicately bring you to unleash the secret of life through the practice of meditation, mindfulness, and habit development to transform you to become a better version of yourself.

WPI never stops developing their current programs as well as initiating new programs throughout the year. Many people who are committed to walk on the path have become a part of their team, professional coaches and trainers, and continue giving back to society and the world.

Today they have approximately 1,000 international volunteers in 6 continents who contribute significantly through their clubs to create local events together with local partners and sponsors to bring about sustainable changes.

With their strong passion and determination toward personal development and peace building, they are delighted to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations, private or public sectors, to co-create and customize our program to serve the needs of communities for a brighter future.

Peace Revolution was established in 2008 as life-changing experience for those who believe that a better ME is possible.

Peace Revolution is an online meditation platform created by the World Peace Initiative Foundation. The platform's primary focus is on the teaching of Samatha meditation but is also involved in other activities and events related to mindfulness and peace-building. Although the platform has a secular orientation, it does draw on principles of Buddhism. Buddhist monks from Thailand are often invited to lead meditation and mindfulness activities.

The idea the platform is built on is that sustainable world peace can only be established by first achieving mindfulness, or "inner peace", at the individual level; after which peace can be achieved at the community level and greater. This is expressed through Peace Revolution's slogan Peace In, Peace Out (PIPO).

Peace Revolution offers a number of offline and online activities and programs to facilitate this goal.

Online meditation program

Peace Revolution runs a forty-two-day online self-development program based on its "Peace In, Peace Out" philosophy, which focuses on meditation, daily self-discipline to deepen meditation experiences, and other activities for self-reflection. Subject matter discussed include incorporating meditation into one's daily life, the relation between body and mind, the training of habits, karma, a culture of peace and conflict resolution. Meditation, referred to as Inner Peace Time on the platform, makes up the central theme of Peace Revolution's activities. The meditation technique used on the platform is Dhammakaya meditation.

Several online meditation resources are available on the Peace Revolution website, including a written walk-through on meditation and guided meditations in various languages.